David K Pillai has been a successful entrepreneur with experience of over 35 years with his ventures in India and around the world. David Pillai has dedicated his life to revolutionizing medical education in India to make quality and affordable education available to all. Dr David K Pillai has been a pioneer and is associated with several educational institutes and foundations with a steadfast commitment to helping the students and their families with better access to healthcare education. And lead them to a successful career in medicine.

David Pillai since his early years has extensively researched every factor the students and their parents would consider to study MBBS in India or to study MBBS abroad and accordingly worked on numerous projects to make his dream come true. Today, from school-level education to degree-level qualifications, David K Pillai has created ample quality choices for students to be a part of. David Pillai’s relentless effort today has resulted in more than 5000+ Indian students to complete their medical degrees and are pursuing and practising medicine all over the world.

Having been a top industry expert and a successful entrepreneur, David K Pillai has been a name synonymous with quality medical education and therefore, is very well-revered among many esteemed associations and foundations. Dr David K Pillai’s active participation in various educational programmes has been inspiring and brought recognition to many deserving students in India. Under the able leadership of David K Pillai, many schools and colleges have been administered with long-term visions and planning.

Dr David K Pillai has been associated with numerous such institutions and dawns on the major responsibilities in maintaining the quality and the standard of education David Pillai has set for us. Beyond his entrepreneurial ventures, David K Pillai has been extremely receptive to the cause of the communities. David K Pillai often has gone out of his ways to aid and support children to meet their educational needs and continues to do so. Leading as a shining example for all to follow, Dr David K Pillai quotes,

“Success is a humbling experience. The more you reach out to people, the sweeter your success will seem to taste.” Dr David K Pillai