A Leading Entrepreneur,
A Well-Renowned Leader &
an Industry Expert

- Dr. David K Pillai, CEO of Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd

About Us

David K Pillai has transformed medical education in India.

David K Pillai is the president and CEO of Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd and is the founder of other numerous healthcare institutions like St. Andrews Education Foundation, All Saints High School and N.M Wadia Hospital Pune.

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Dr David K Pillai


Dr David K Pillai and his multiple ventures, associations & titles.

David Pillai has been an extraordinary entrepreneur, well-revered by his peers for his excellent work in introducing quality medical education in India.

  • Transworld Educare Pvt Ltd: CEO & President

    CEO & President of Transworld Educare, David K Pillai has founded this initiative in 1999 and has become the principal associate...

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  • St. Andrews Education Foundation: Founder President & Trustee

    Being the founder of President, David K Pillai under his supervision established St. Andrews College of Nursing...

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  • N.M. Wadia Hospital, Pune: Chairman

    David K Pillai presides over the role of Chairman for one of the best cardiology hospitals at N M Wadia Institute of Cardiology...

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  • Poona Christian Medical Association: President

    David K Pillai is the President of Poona Christian Medical Association dedicating his life to help the local and rural communities...

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  • All Saints School, Khadki: Chairman

    Chairman of All Saints High School, David Pillai is fully dedicated in his approach to improving the grassroots level of education....

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