Poona Christian Medical Association

David K Pillai is the President of Poona Christian Medical Association dedicating his life to help the local and rural communities by promoting improved medical care and facilitating quality healthcare professionals.

Being a member of the parent banner of the Christian Medical Association of India, Poona Christian Medical Association led by Dr David K Pillai are a platform to promote and provide Christian medical professionals with a forum for sharing & supporting each other spiritually and professionally. Also, helping the community with quality medical care.

Overviewed by David K Pillai, Poona Christian Medical Association has steadily worked towards preventing human suffering irrespective of caste, creed, community, religion & economic status. And as an academician himself, Dr David K Pillai has always strived to promote knowledge of the factors governing health.

Through Poonam Christian Medical Association, David K Pillai has initiated a curriculum that involves co-ordinating activities for training and upskilling of doctors, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. Also, as a part of his complete commitment, David K Pillai has ensured that there is proper implementation of schemes for comprehensive health care, family planning and other community welfare programmes.

But the most noteworthy contribution of Dr David K Pillai to the community via Poona Christian Medical Association is enabling the healthcare professionals to render help during natural calamities, disasters and emergencies like Covid-19. Dr David Pillai since his early years has steadily worked towards making health, healing and wholeness an integral part of the Church’s Ministry. From soft skill development to implementing large scale public projects, David Pillai is revered as a man who changed the medical scenario of India for the betterment of the nation.